More than 15 years of experience in the sector 

Presence in more than 40 countries

Participation in more than 25 public funded R&D projects

First worldwide ISO 17034 accreditation as reference materials producer for marine biotoxins

Devoted to improve human health

Design, production, purification and characterization of standards for analysis and research through biotechnology processes.

Our processes

International presence
At CIFGA we  offer  a  broad range of certifies reference materials and quality controlled standards in more than 30 countries
Our Interdisciplinary team offer flexible and personalized services for different sectors: (agrifood, textil, etc.)
Since our origins, we were focused on developing valuable compounds from natural origin.
Metrological traceability, uncertainly values and reliable measurements. Analytical methodology expertise: HPLC-MS/MS, UV, fluorescence, NMR, etc.
Confidence and reliability accredited (ISO 17034, ISO  9001, ISO 14001).


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