We are purifying in a preparative system one of the different analogues of the PSPs toxins.
There are more than 30 different analogues of PSPs.

Preparative HPLC in different stationary phases are needed for optimal product selectivity and recovery.
Our work includes:

  • Feasibility studies of epimers separation.
  • Optimization of separation conditions. Analysis of unknown impurities.
  • Development of separation procedures for future upscaling.
  • The strict purity requirements for the use of a CRM in accordance with its intended use, drives us to determine the presence of impurities.

In some cases, they are so minor, <0.1%, that they cannot be well identified and characterized.
In other cases, characterization by LC-MS/MS and NMR is possible, as in the case of the presence of dcGTX1&4 during the purification of GTX6.