From the beginning, CIFGA has been focused on a continuous process of improvement of procedures, working to increase our competitiveness to achieve the highest degree of confidence and reliability by demonstrating our commitment to products and service quality.

We work following an ongoing improvement system conducive to excellence in services and processes to satisfy customer´s requirements and expectations, according to the standards


ISO 17034: Reference Materials Producer accredited by ENAC (ENAC accreditation, Technical Annex Ed.5).

ISO 9001: Quality Management System certified by AENOR (IQNet certificate, AENOR certificate).

ISO 14001: Environmental Management System certified by AENOR (IQNet certificateAENOR certificate).


Moreover, CIFGA has been registered as Innovative SME on the Public Records dependent on the General Directorate of Innovation and Competitiveness from the former Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (current Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities) due to its innovative characteristics.

CIFGA considers that suggestions management is an essential point to maintain a satisfactory relationship with its customers, so a handling process for complaints and suggestions has been developed and its description is available to any interested party upon request.

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